Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm on a mission. For a number of reasons:

1. One of my MySpace friends regularly posts about the effects of what we eat, and helpful articles about beer guts and the hidden smell of our immune system. THANKS!!! It's very cool that you put that stuf out there.

2. MY own personal use. I am ALWAYS looking for the cheat... Because, well, I love to eat.Getting older, and it doesn't come off as fast as it used to... The more efficient I am about structuring my macro-nutrients... the more I get to eat. Hence the non-fat mocha with WHIPPED CREAM!!! I can take it *in* the drink, or on top. I like it better on top. Go figure.

3. I've known more than one person with an eating disorder, whether they eat too much or too little. It is a small hope that posts about food here will help people to have a more positive relationship about food instead of a mere lack/overabundance of control over it.

SO, if any of you fine friends out there just love a dish, and would like to see if you too can have your cake and eat it too, feel free to send me the general recipe, and I'll see what I can do so you can:

1. Eat more of it
2. Make it less regrettable post-holiday


This does NOT apply to holiday treats. Discipline yourself, but do not mess with tradition. That's what the repentance of the New Year is for, and I'm not about to mess with that.

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