Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm so happily exhausted... and I'm not done yet. Spent all day doing "find the career" stuff, and then picked up the Nino, then did the homework deal, decided to go to the library, and then bake an apple pie. We got hungry while waiting for crusts to chill, and we have a ton of apple peels I don't want to waste, sooooo....... HAM STOCK! with some of the lovely hammy/bacony bits being sauteed along with onions and yams. By the end of the night we end up with these beauties...

I've since took the pressure down on the beans, only to find they weren't *quite* done. Those little beauty navy beans are going to be baked beans and ham-n-bean soup when the grow up! While I'm waiting for them to cook, I throw a couple of salmon steaks in the oven to take advantage of the heat, and now I'm writing this blog!

I may do an expando version of this later, but the pressure cooker's been hissing away for awhile now, and I'm T.I.R.E.D.


Time to check on dem beans!