Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May Challenge and bento

I just realized that tomorrow is the LAST day of the month, and, aside from being PAYDAY, it also happens to be the day before the next Daring Baker Challenge is revealed. There are now almost 800 folks in this group. Pretty impressive considering that less than two years ago it was founded by two women who merely wanted to compare notes!

After having bailed/failed/nailed the last 6, I'm kinda surprised that they still let me play, but I think I'm finally in the groove, and, barring any more disasters (The fingers are in anti-hex mode as I type) I'll start in on them much, much earlier. Then I'll merely suffer the torment of wanting to post my lovely accomplishments on the web.

But there are still two I haven't done for 2008- Lemon Meringue Pie (January) and the Perfect Party Cake (March). I have all I need for the Party Cake, so that's likely to be done first. Not horribly sure about the Lemon Meringue. But this is so seriously fun that I thought I'd reward myself for good attendance by joining a cup-cake group later on in July....

IN the meanwhile, a new culinary obsession is slowly cultivating- bento. These unbelievably cute little lunch boxes are packed with all sorts of treats that would make any person feel loved. I doubt that I will EVER get to the point where I'm cooking everything fresh every morning unless I:

1. Find that wonderful man and get married, and stay home to take care of any new little ones.
2. Get so unbelievably good at this that I can do it while I get ready for work and corral my son into some semblance of school-worthiness.

First on the agenda.. finding really cute, but inexpensive bento boxes (my son loses things like you wouldn't believe)

Anyhoo, will keep you posted as I forge along.....


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