Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bento (continued)

So I have my little blue bento box all packed and ready for tomorrow. Actually, it's the one I got for my son, but I can't find the bottom of my beloved red bunny set! They have tons on the internet, but they are all 15 times the price I paid for my pretty little bento ($1.50) SO if any of my good friends would like to get me the red bunny version of this cute little box for my birthday (the band I have on this blue one is the matching bento band...$1.00) I will love you forever and ever, because it's a crap-ton to order through e-bay.


Anyhoo, without further ado, here's my Urara dragonfly bento made by Sheep Lube, a division of Putrifresh (I swear, I did not make this up) all ready for tomorrow's hungry:

From left to right we have couscous, with lotsa fresh basil, a bit of summer sausage, made with chicken broth. It is delicious, and was my almost-midnight snack just now (looking at finished bento for an hour makes ya hunger!) Next are raisins, carrot sticks, and sliced pickles. At first, I wandered around my kitchen wondering where-in-the-hell all of my cupcake liners went to, when I came up with something brilliant! There's a cabbage in there, so sturdy and invincible, that it started to grow roots long after it's been sawed off it mama plant, loooooong after it'd been purchased, much less looked at by myself. And it's still fresh and perky. SO I figured cabbage leaves would make perfect little dividers for my raisins and pickles. Finally, in the portion usually reserved for napkins and chopsticks, I have piroutte cookies. Yummy yum-yum.

So yeah.. my lunch. If I can stick to what's in my bento box, I should be losing weight here shortly. Just have to stay away from the kitchen....


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JJ said...

Looks like some very healthy snacks! I need to drop about 4, 5 pounds of winter weight myself; you've been an inspiration. ;)