Friday, January 4, 2008

New TOYS!!!!!

SO.... my dad, being the wise man he his, sent a monetary amount sufficient enough fo rme to buy THESE:

The Falling Cloudberries book by Tessa Kiros is amazing. It's beautiful, it's gorgeous. It has food ranging from Finland to South Africa... I had to special order it... I had NO idea that 25 British pounds are equal to $61.95 here in the US... That's one hell of an exchange rate people.... But there was no other way to get it... Amazon doesn't have it last I looked, and neither does Barnes and Noble. BUT our venerable tattered Cover ordered it for me.... Why I love that place... Big enough to do stuff like order anything in the world, yet small enough to remember its home....

The other book "1080 Recipes", by Simone and Ines Ortega, has supposedly been the best selling cookbook in Spain for over 30 years. And no wonder. It has recipes to cook everything...even brains... The translation is fun sometimes, as I come across words like "im-portant" Tattered Cover had it on sale 25% off, so that basically took care of tax. And I was tempted by a Mexican cookbook, as well as Mark Bittman's vegetarian version of "How to Cook Everything" (possibly the only cookbook you'd ever need if you had to pick just one...) but there were enough dollars sacrificed, and I can't justify these things once I run out of gift money.

Add to this that I have *just* gotten back home... The bookstore and its coffee shop are open until 11PM on Fridays...

All this cookbook reading has me hungry.... Stuffing Spanish olives and coucous down my throat as soon as the couscous is ready...

Love you all,


3:03 PM