Saturday, December 1, 2007


SOOOOOOOOOO incredibly unreasonably ecstatically excited about this month's challenge! I tell you what, I was thinking of making one of these anyway, and I was thinking it would be a perfect recipe to introduce the Nino to baking something more complicated than a cookie.

It has to be said here that mi Nino LOVES the kitchen. Momma is just so proud. He loves the Food Channel. He reveres the Ace of Cakes, enthusiastically enjoys the Iron Chef, would rather watch Good Eats than Spongebob, and would love nothing less than to watch every single holiday special.


I am really enthused. My first Daring Bakers challenge... the options are generous, and I'm bursting with ideas... AND I CAN DO THIS WITH THE NINO!


Thank you thank you thank you!

Now the second part of the challenge... keeping my big, fat, mouth shut!


Breathe, Erikai, breathe...


This is really the most challenging part of it all.

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