Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Copper Lust

Nothing, but NOTHING prepared me for seeing this at the mall today...

Isn't it beautiful???? Oh how I love thee... Let me count the ways:

575 watts
REAL copper sheathing
Improved orbital pattern
Able to knead double bread recipes in one bowl!
6 qt bowl

I am in such mixer lust...

You see, I have ALL the attachments except the ice cream machine, pasta thingy and maybe one other thingy. You see, I STILL have my mother's original 1980 Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer. My dad got her all the attachments he could. Yep... 27 years baby!

But the second piece of the puzzle is the gift he gave her in close proximity to the mixer... a full set of Paul RevereWear ENTIRELY clad in copper.. with brass handles.

Oh, dear reader.... I would give EYETEETH for this mixer.

I have been fantasizing about a copper Kitchen Aid mixer for a few years now. And my mother's trusty stand is beginning to show variable speed when it should not.

But then we come to the crux of it.

The price.



I nearly dropped my pleura (whatever a pleura is.) I know I dropped my jaw. Especially when I compared it the mixer below, in Copper Pearl.

Yes, I know. You can tell right away... You're asking yourself, "How could she possibly consider buying anything but real copper clad?" Wanna know how much the EXACT SAME MIXER IS if you get any other color like say, Copper Pearl instead of REAL copper? Yeah, well let's try hmmmm.... About $500.00!!!! Yep that's right, the exact same machine is a mere $399.95 at Williams Sonoma or JC Penney (take your pick) Oh what a difference a word makes...

Oooohhh also, if I'm willing to sacrifice 1qt of bowl capacity and 200 watts of power, the price difference is again.... $500.00!!!!!!!!!

Let us also mention that the Uebermixer 575 watt model would most likely not fit under my cabinets. Do I care?


But it would help (given that I could actually afford a mixer right now) to justify settling for an inferior machine. Because it's the one practical aspect of this otherwise irrational lust for the Kitchen Aid Professional 620 in Copper Satin.

In other news, found out the recipe for amaretti is ridiculously simple. Am feeling somewhat like an ass now for paying SO MUCH MONEY for what is essentially almond-impregnated meringue. But it's OK... because now I can make all I want.

Especially since I just bought a giant sized bottle of organic almond extract (even though I already had one)

That's it for now... I'm up waaaay too late, and it's really gonna suck waking up tomorrow AM.



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