Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Daring Baker Thoughts

Okay... so maybe "daring" will have a different meaning for me than most others. I had just finished the shaping and rising potion of bread making, and had popped my little creations in the oven. Suddenly, Revelation of the Night #1 hit me:

"You must follow the recipe exactly, unless given permission to do otherwise."

You see, since finding King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour, I don't even use a 50/50 mix of all purpose/whole wheat anymore. This flour, which only differs nutritionally (well macro nutrients, that is) 1 gram of protien from the traditional red winter wheat typically used in bread (a.k.a. high gluten) and general baked goods.

I've made Angel food with this stuff, people.

Although I'm sure it's sacrilege, no one complained, and it seemed just as light and fluffy as the stuff I pay a smidge over $3 for at the grocery store. Then I made it in chocolate... Oh good people, after that, I never went back. There have been times, when the store was out, that I bought no flour at all! "Patience, dear, patience." I would say to myself. Oh, and did I mention that the one place that carries this wonderful stuff is King Soopers?

Yes! A major conglomerate we-don't-care-of-you-wait-in-line kind of store. The kind I swore off for all but the extremely nasty foods (TV dinners, hot dogs, and hormone laced milk when I'm really feeling the crunch) So, not only has this particular flour caused me to eschew traditional red winter wheat and thumb my nose at recipes calling for white flour, BUT it has also caused me to cheat on my beloved Sunflower Market. Yenno... the one that has the amazingly HUGE bulk section? The one with fresh whole wheat pastry flour? This trans gression has led to also buying food at Target, but I digress...

So this snobbery has led me to ask, before I've even gotten to the first baking challenge in December, to dare ask if I can substitute this special whole wheat flour for all purpose. First I ask for high altitude, and now I ask for hippie I-feel-guilty-using-stripped-flour exceptions.

Revelation of the Night #2 of the implications of joining the DB group comes after I take these sweet little baby cinnamon rolls out of the oven . Yes, I am one of those people that absolutely must snag a slice of bread while it's still hot. Waiting for baklava to completely cool before I pour that luscious syrup in is complete torture for this gal, even though I know well the soggy mess that will result if I do. Waiting to let these little cinnamon rolls to cool so I could showcase them on a pretty plate with caramel sauce drizzled over them was my fantasy tonight...

Well, it never happened. As soon as I popped that ring off and saw the dark cinnamon ooze of butter and sugar, I was done for. Popped three of those little suckers into my mouth before my mind even had the chance to scream WAIT! And, good people, this was after I had thought long and hard about what I would do to keep myself off these tiny morsels until they were completely cooled. Yes, I am a hedonist, at least in the kitchen. At least the bread was saved from its moisture depriving premature slice...


Hopefully they won't kick me out before I've even had a chance to begin.


jackie said...

so who can blame you?! they look great! congrats.

seventh sister said...

The King Arthur Flour company is actually owned by its workers and may be one of the first companies to get a green certification that is being developed by a non-profit to combat the 'yellowing'of the term 'green.' Therefore, you really did not do anything awful by perchasing their product.